Sam Rockwell as ‘Wild Bill’ Bill Wharton in “The Green Mile”

"Y'all like that? I'm currently cooking up some turds, to go with it. Nice soft 'uns. Uhhh! Have'em out to y'all tomorrow."

In a film that features many a stand out performance, including what may be a career best from Doug Hutchison, Sam Rockwell pips all the others as the absolutely mental Wild Bill.
Managing to show flashes of cunning in his eyes while goading the prison guards on the Green Mile, Rockwell never lets Bill’s vile acts of attention seeking overpower the man’s obvious smarts, lending an air of manic intelligence to the deranged character.
In his short ammount of screen time Rockwell shows what makes him on of the very best character actors in the business, and earns himself a Scene Stealer Award in the process.



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