The Quiet Ones


Lacking in atmosphere or any type of drama, The Quiet Ones unfortunately fails to follow up on the fun of Hammer’s other modern releases.

I had some hopes for this film. I rather enjoyed The Woman In Black, the happy, fluffy ending not withstanding, and the largely ignored Wildwood is a very good rural England take on a Pet Cemetery-style chiller. Hammer was back, as far as I was concerned, making low budget British horror once again. Only good times could lay ahead.

Unfortunately, The Quiet Ones seems to have broken the streak.

Uninspired, unoriginal set pieces make up the majority of the film, as a quite looney University professor and three assistants try to cure a quite clearly possessed girl of psychological problems that are apparently manifesting themselves as demonic roaring and satanic vomit. It’s all rather stupid, but not entertainingly so. It just becomes rather tedious, and I began praying for something violent to happen that would at least justify the film’s 15 rating. But nothing did.

Instead, the character’s spouted boring, clichéd dialogue as they exhibited the same horror movie character stupidity you’ve seen time after time. In a post The Cabin In The Woods world, character’s that blindly ignore obviously supernatural shenanigans and wander into dark rooms in which evil hijinks could happen are inexcusable. I’m not saying horror movie characters should be self aware, I’m just saying they should at least exhibit some form of intelligent behaviour.

Perhaps with a few cuts to reduce the film down to a 12A rating, to get the Paranormal Activity crowd on board, The Quiet Ones formulaic nature and let down of an ending would be acceptable. But with recent horror fare such as the enjoyable You’re Next showing that you don’t have to be formulaic and clichéd to entertain modern audiences, The Quiet Ones just doesn’t cut it, I’m afraid.

Not recommend.


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