Right up there with Attack The Block and Shaun of the Dead when it comes to UK horror comedy, Grabbers manages to inject the right amount of stereotypical Irish drunkeness into a fun little film full of cracking performances and alcohol-based shenanigans.

I had a great time with this film, much more fun than I’ve had in long time with a horror film. I’ve recently signed up for Netflix, and have been watching done pretty awful fare in the hope I’ll find some little gem I’ve never paid attention to before.

I finally struck gold.


There’s an obvious passion and a sense of fun that’s so obviously present as you watch Grabbers. It takes the monster film genre, and in exactly the same way that Attack The Block does, puts the events in an unusual location. Why do aliens and monsters always have to attack New York? Why not a council high rise in East London or, in the case of Grabbers, a tiny island off the coast of Ireland.

You could do a lot worse than grab a few beers and watch the population of Erin Island deal with their tentacled problems with varying degrees of alcohol consumption.


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