Penny Dreadful – Episode One


I’m  trying to rescue my daughter. To save her,  I would murder the world. Join me, Doctor. With me, you will behold terrible wonders.

And how much of the world will we have to murder?

Do you care?

Dark, gothic and very much full of dread (see what I did there?) the first episode of this six part series had me at Josh Hartnett shooting vampires with Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into them, and didn’t let me out of its grimy claws as it introduced the shows premise of a vengeful father hunting down the daughter he lost to a world of supernatural evil that lurks beneath our own.

That’ll do for spoilers, I think. I went into this episode having avoided as much information about it as I could really paid off as each layer of plot and each new participant was revealed. And, by the end of it, I was glad I had. I loved the intertwining aspect of it all, as my favourite gothic literature was combined and reimagined with interesting results.


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