Caeser Made Koba, or The Shakespearian Ape


Spoilers Ahead

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When Film Promotion Lies!! OR, How I almost missed out on a great film.

I went to watch The Adjustment Bureau this weekend (review to follow soon), but it was a close thing.

I strolled up to the desk, said howdo to the fella manning the ticket office (a nice guy by the name of Robert Miles) and then, unsure as to which film to watch, asked him to make the choice for me.

I had a choice between Rango and The Adjustment Bureau. Both films fit my work schedule just fine, I just couldn’t make my mind up.

I’d seen trailers for both, and to me, going by what I’d seen, Rango looked like a slightly better option. It looked funny, if a little childish, but my wife had expressed a desire to watch it, so I was of two minds to actually see it in the cinema or just wait until it came out on DVD and we could watch it with the kids, who also found the trailer funny too.

So, when Rob suggested The Adjustment Bureau, I took his advice. And with ice cream sundae in hand and my pen and paper nestled in my jacket pocket to take notes, I wandered into the screen, expecting little from the film.

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