Cabin Fever 2 : Spring Fever


Directed by  Ti West

Starring Rider Strong, Noah Segan and Michael Bowen


A high school prom faces a deadly threat: a flesh-eating virus that spreads via a popular brand of bottled water.


A film so bad the director tried to get his name removed from the credits. A film so bereft of star power that Ryder Strong, who dies in the first five minutes of the film, gets top billing. A film full of feeble and badly written Superbad and Juno-esqe dialogue and teenagers vomiting blood and pus with impunity. Gone is the gut-wrenchingly slow infection, terror and rotting of the people stricken with the flesh-eating virus. Instead, people take a swig of water infected by the aforementioned Strong and then suddenly start puking within minutes. Continue reading